I Want to Save Money

We have many ways to help you save, in fact, we saved our members thousands of dollars last year in service fees alone! 

But first let's talk about why you need to save.  Do you have specific goals?  Are you saving for a special event, to make an investment or are you just starting to build up savings?  When do you want to accomplish your goals?  


I Want to Buy A Car

Buying a car can be a complex task and sometimes you may feel that there are about as many decisions to make as there are types and models of cars.

But never fear, we're here to make the process much easier!  We will help you decide how much you can borrow, complete your loan application, and give you the tools to shop for the best deal in town.  


I Need A Student Loan

Sometimes federal loans and savings are not enough to cover tuition, books, and other rising costs of education.  We have both private student loans and consolidation loans that can help you turn your dreams for a career into a reality.

See how we can help you finance your studies and reach your goals.


About Us

Since 1944, CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union has been helping our members achieve a better way of life through convenient banking, specialized loans, savings plans, investments, financial tools and educational programs. We are a non-profit cooperative organization that support the communities where our members live, work, worship and play through a variety of outreach and community programs.

Our members are owners and share in the benefits of our financial strength. We are focused on your success. Our mission is to priovide you with the financial products and services you need to meet your lifetime financial goals. Join us today!